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Freezing rain, never felt so good...


Another all-ages show at the Bermuda Rectangle tomary (11/5) starting at 8pm-ish.

117 S. Homer St.
Lansing, MI 48912
(517) 333-6638 with questions.

--Gogglesphere (the best drummer in the free world is the reason you want to check out this band...even if you don't play drums, he'll make you want to quit music)

--Red Swan (Lansing kings of old-timey stories told over swampy old-school Touch & Go type music)

--Funender (maybe Lansing's most underrated band...in this dude's opinion, at least...angular punk w/ more insane fretwork than anyone else I've seen lately -- touring or local)

--t.b.a. (meaning if you bring out some people and come w/ instruments and band, this could be you)

Also, Lansingscene.com is back in effect...check out the haps on future Bermuda Rectangle all-ages fare as well as links to the websites of upcoming acts.

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