Burnt out & Seasonal (mopnglo) wrote in the_diaper,
Burnt out & Seasonal

Attn: mthrfckrz that complain about lack of cool rock and people in Lansing...

Come to this show. There will be interesting people. It will be a party. You will get drunk (if that's yr thing). You will fall in love (if that's yr thing). You will score (if that's yr thing). Honestly, haven't you ever been to a house show? This is the type of chit that happens! Money back guarantee*

or if you prefer Corey to Craig...

Honestly, who are you to deny a show with not one, but TWO posters this hottt made in its honour?!!!

*Offer valid in all 48 continental United States with the exception of Michigan.
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dude. is there ANY room on this? i got a band coming into town that day from milwaukee and their grand rapids show fell through. they're playing my house on the 11th. it's no big deal but if there is any room it'd be awesome. they're called the modern machines. they sound like a perfect mix between the replacements, and husker du. i think we might come up there anyways to party. ypsi never has anything going on.



by the way. anything ever happen with that record you were going to put out?
damn dude...I was all ready to be lame, but then you softened me up in unmentionable places with a comment like this:

they sound like a perfect mix between the replacements, and husker du

How'm I s'posed to say 'no' to that? Yeah, I'll just hope that there's enough people there by 8pm to start right on the dot, so send 'em over and we'll try to fit them in somewhere...they may end up having to play last though...but my interest has definitely been heightened w/ the 'mats/du comparison...

...and the Cartridge Family/Rick Johnson RnR.M. split is recorded, worked out financially and half-way artistically, so it'll be under production soon. Thanks for the tips!