Burnt Out & Seasonal (mopnglo) wrote in the_diaper,
Burnt Out & Seasonal

Sooooo Friday (tomorrow)...

This is just in, but a shitload of Cartridge Family side projects are playing Gone Wired Cafe starting at 9pm (still in time to go to the LaSalle cd release at Mac's)...a bit of a showcase even...
This may include, but not limited to, Cavalcade (?), The Kid's Got Guts (?), and the one for sure is the crust punk (haha, yeah SERIOUSLY), band that me, Horky, Ozzie and Joey just started, Smashing Blumpkins. I don't know if that will ever play again. I can't guarantee any of this will be good, but it will definitely be entertaining.
Gone Wired Cafe
2021 E. Michigan Ave
9 PM, Friday (tomorrow)
Smashing Blumpkins + Family showcase?

Then Sunday (Devil's Night) of course there will be some lives to save:
Image hosted by TinyPic.com

I can't stress enough how bizarre this is going to be (and in a totally different way than you're used to with tCF)

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