September 24th, 2003

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Dear Kim, Ryan, and Jon

Okay, The Diaper needs your help...that is if you're up for it. This morning we recieved a letter in the email from the city of East Lansing telling us that if we didn't remove all remaining fliers from last Saturdays show that we would be slapped with a $175 fine. At which point they would probably discover that we're illegally having house shows, breaking noise laws, serving beer to minors, etc... and we can't have that. So we can no longer flier town, except for inside a few businesses like FBC, In Flight, 7-11. So we need to reach the kids through emails.
You 3 are at atleast 75% of our shows and you know alot of other kids at our shows, more than we know. So I was hoping that if I sent you an update if you could forward it to kids that you know and that aren't already on our mailing list? Also post in any journals, communities you visit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Right now we're between a rock and a hard place and we're trying to have 5 more shows before Christmas vacation. After that we don't know what's in store for us. The Diaper might die with the year 2003. Please let me know if you can help!

Thanks for your time,

Josh Patrick Quinn
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upcoming events at The Diaper...

Friday, October 10th 2003

They Hang Before Me
(first show ever for these Grand Rapids kids, UOA/Wolves style rock)

Belmonts Decendant
(another first show for more Grand Rapids kids, In Loving Memory meets Dead Kennedys)

(Bruce from Mumbler and two 15 year olds bring the thrash, watch out for flying buttflaps!)

(Marco and the boys return to The Diaper to drink some beer and play M Blanket/Jawbreaker style punk rock)

+ a yet to be named band featuring members of North Lincoln, Mumbler, Don Knotts, EAT IT FUCK BAG, They Hang Before Me, Belmonts Decendant, Ronni James Devo, Dudes on Ludes, Pasty Mother Fucking Cline, Gators on Ludes, Etc... they'll be playing cover songs and fighting eachother

this show will be $2 if you have an invitation (Robs close friends) or $4 if you do not. bring a bunch of friends to make his last night a memorable one.

doors at 8pm, rock at 9pm

Thursday, October 23rd 2003

Darling of Paris
(Refused/JR Ewing/Ink and Dagger style hardcore from Ann Arbor)

Heads & Bodies
(screamy indie rock from MPLS on Blood of the Young Records)

(from The Netherlands on a 2 week US tour on Level-Plane Records, think Drive Like Jehu/hot Snakes)

doors at 8pm, rock at 9pm

if you would like to be on The Diaper mailing list please reply to this post. thank you for your support!


The Diaper Crew