November 23rd, 2003

  • wastoid

upcoming shows at The Diaper...

Friday, November 28th 2003

North Lincoln (The Diaper's house band from Grand Rapids)
The High Life (ex: Parka Kings/Old Spice/Telegraph/Etc..., Detroit country)
I Farm (Propagandhi style punk from New York, ex: Quadilicha)
The Gibbons (Detroit's last chance at punk rock)

Doors at 8pm, Rock at 9pm

Wednesday, January 7th 2004

Nostradamus Wasn't a Madman, He Was a Prophet! (Detroit hardcore)
Karate For Kids (rad punk from Columbus)
HUGS (pure insanity from Iowa)
The Setup (ex members of Marion Delgado, current members of Light the Fuse and Run from Richmond)

Doors at 8pm, Rock at 9pm

Saturday, January 31st 2004

Radio Raheem (Blonde Redhead meets Fugazi, from New York)
Kodan Armada (crazy as fuck screamo, nakedness everywhere from Kentucky)
They Hang Before Me! (we wont be as drunk as the last time we played, i promise)
Gospel (3/5 of Helen of Troy, from New York)
Sheryl's Magnetic Aura (THE BEST FUCKING BAND EVER!, from New York)
Rapider Than Horsepower (HOLY FUCK, from Indiana)
Phoenix Bodies (they have to play last because when they play the house is going to collapse, from Indiana)

Doors at 7pm, Rock at 8pm