January 29th, 2004

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Mrs. Hypochondriac (dudes on ludes from MI)
Rahim (formally known as Radio Raheem from NY)
Sheryl's Magnetic Aura (members of Books Lie/I Am the
Resurection from NY)
Gospel (3/5 of Helen of Troy, from NY)
Kodan Armada (Louisville, Kentucky's finest)
Rapider Than Horsepower (members of Racebannon/Usurp
Synapse from IN)
Phoenix Bodies (ex: Mara'akate from IN)

@ The Diaper
2729 E. Kalamazoo St.
Lansing, MI 48912
(517) 371-1376

doors at 7pm, bands at 8pm(we mean it, show up later
and miss something) $5

now for the most important news, this is a very big and very important show so we don't need something stupid like people outside screaming and shitty parking to fuck it up. make sure to keep it on the d.l. so the pigs don't know what's up if they pass by.

you can park in the eastside auto lot, ONLY west of the building which means if you are in front of our house looking at it, only to the right of the building. also, parking is available at carquest which is the next lot over, and as a last resort use
dagwoods back lot which is on detroit st but as of today it's not plowed very well so cars parked there will stick out. if we need more space we'll tell you where to park, and carpool if you can. see you sat.

upcoming shows at The Diaper...

sometime in February we will be having a all local
benefit show for my label NEON BOOMBOX

Tuesday, April 6th: Cat on Form (on Southern Records,
from the UK, http://www.catonform.co.uk/), + 2 TBA $4

Friday, April 30th: Hot Cross, Lickgoldensky, The Sea
The Sea, Phoenix Bodies, and Breather Resist $5

Saturday, May 8th: The One AM Radio, + 2 TBA $4