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The Diaper's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
The Diaper

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upcoming DAAC shows [31 Mar 2004|12:26am]
kick ass upcoming shows at the DAAC in Grand Rapids.

April 15th, 2004
One Reason (kickin' punk from mississippi on Plan-It-X Records)

The Gibbons (detroit punk)

Hell or High Water (ex: ron jeremy sex explosion)

The Andorras (Sweet Baby cover band, acoustic set!)

May 6th, 2004
An Albatross (crazy synth grind from pennsylvania)

Camp Climax For Girls (killer rock from illinois)

The Casionauts (crazy death disco from lansing)

+1 local TBA

May 7th, 2004
Shipwrecked (mike reed of small brown bike & members of charlavoix)

I Won't Land (ex: Bev.Clone)

Freshmen Rhetoric (get awesome crew!)

May 15th, 2004
North Lincoln (album preview/benefit show)

Freshmen Rhetoric

The Van Ermans (lansing)

+1 TBA

all at:
115 S. Division
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Hey Assholes! : Rock the Basement.

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