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The Diaper's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
The Diaper

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endorsed by ex-diaperers accross the state... [14 Jan 2005|11:47am]

LANSING...It's a party, it's a show...it's a sharty...with an old couples theme. So bust out those holiday/cosby sweaters and be sure to bring a casserole...or Jenga...or coffee...or wine. And don't forget yr keys, cuz this may just turn into a "key party"...

LaSalle ='s ex-Small Brown Bike + current Charlevoix/Shipwrecked
( http://www.vivalasalle.com )

Hundreds = Old school Lansing dream team. Heavy rock that's not stupid.

the Van Ermans = PunkPowerPop...jeez, you know what they sound like...you've heard the Van Ermans already, right?
( http://www.thevanermans.com )

Heroes Love Revenge = Albert plays sweet fantasy metal while the rest of the band rocks out the tight hardcore.
( http://www.myspace.com/heroesloverevenge )

I'll post a reminder next week...

[Check http://www.lansingscene.com for future Bermuda Rectangle shows featuring Zach Curd, the Casionauts, Hanalei (ex: the Ghost…on THICK Records), Sleepout, the Wordplay and others…]
Hey Assholes! : Rock the Basement.

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