January 14th, 2007

  • mopnglo

Attn: Diaper ex-pats!!! :NL in Lansing tomorrow (Monday)

Come celebrate MLK Day with a big ass fucking show at the Owl House tomorrow (Monday Jan. 15th):


Respond with e-mail address for location and any further details


-North Lincoln (No Idea recs vets genetically engineered before birth to be the best house show band ever...)

-Potboiler (coming all the way from Buffalo, NY to floor you)

-Tin Armour (ex-Merkurs, coming all the way from Cleveland to make you hum)

Matadors of Shame (coming all the way down Michigan Ave. to get drunk)

Mayday Suits (coming down Aurileus Rd. to lead off the lineup like Ricky Henderson...if he played solid melodic punk)

...get there early, it's a weekday and Martin Luther King Jr. said he had a dream that we'd be done before his day was over.