I Was Rambo in the Disco (trendytoothemax) wrote in the_diaper,
I Was Rambo in the Disco

theCASIONAUTS. first show!!!

Next Friday, November 7th

@ The Brighter Days Infoshop
1914 E. Michigan Ave.
Lansing, MI

theCASIONAUTS. (ex .ome, command prompt, for he is the harbinger of death, the hook up!, christopher walken, prosy and many more)
Search Party (ex bridge to canada)
Multivac Must Die (ex polkahontas, skapegoat, you are the nintendo party natalie, the shocking death of john ritter, etc)

4 Bucks

Come shake ya asses with us.

multivac must die ~ bloody fingers & busted stings ep will also be for sale. 4 bucks 4 songs recorded at deep deep pink by john krohn.
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