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endorsed by ex-diaperers accross the state...


LANSING...It's a party, it's a's a sharty...with an old couples theme. So bust out those holiday/cosby sweaters and be sure to bring a casserole...or Jenga...or coffee...or wine. And don't forget yr keys, cuz this may just turn into a "key party"...

LaSalle ='s ex-Small Brown Bike + current Charlevoix/Shipwrecked
( )

Hundreds = Old school Lansing dream team. Heavy rock that's not stupid.

the Van Ermans = PunkPowerPop...jeez, you know what they sound've heard the Van Ermans already, right?
( )

Heroes Love Revenge = Albert plays sweet fantasy metal while the rest of the band rocks out the tight hardcore.
( )

I'll post a reminder next week...

[Check for future Bermuda Rectangle shows featuring Zach Curd, the Casionauts, Hanalei (ex: the Ghost…on THICK Records), Sleepout, the Wordplay and others…]
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Attn: mthrfckrz that complain about lack of cool rock and people in Lansing...

Come to this show. There will be interesting people. It will be a party. You will get drunk (if that's yr thing). You will fall in love (if that's yr thing). You will score (if that's yr thing). Honestly, haven't you ever been to a house show? This is the type of chit that happens! Money back guarantee*

or if you prefer Corey to Craig...

Honestly, who are you to deny a show with not one, but TWO posters this hottt made in its honour?!!!

*Offer valid in all 48 continental United States with the exception of Michigan.

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North Lincoln (No Idea Records)
The Grabass Charlestons (No Idea Records)
The Tim Version (ADD Records)
Patsy Mother Fucking Cline (members of Mumbler/The Gibbons)
The Hartford Whalers (members of :NL/Don Knotts/ADTMF/OFTB)
@ The DAAC, 115 S. Division, GR, MI
8pm $5 All Ages

we may or may not have the CDs. more than likely not, but still you have to come. we will have the limited edition LPs regardless. there is also a pre show beerbq at the Gold Street house. everyone should come and hang out before the show as well. just ask if you need to know where that is.
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Freezing rain, never felt so good...


Another all-ages show at the Bermuda Rectangle tomary (11/5) starting at 8pm-ish.

117 S. Homer St.
Lansing, MI 48912
(517) 333-6638 with questions.

--Gogglesphere (the best drummer in the free world is the reason you want to check out this band...even if you don't play drums, he'll make you want to quit music)

--Red Swan (Lansing kings of old-timey stories told over swampy old-school Touch & Go type music)

--Funender (maybe Lansing's most underrated this dude's opinion, at least...angular punk w/ more insane fretwork than anyone else I've seen lately -- touring or local)

--t.b.a. (meaning if you bring out some people and come w/ instruments and band, this could be you)

Also, is back in effect...check out the haps on future Bermuda Rectangle all-ages fare as well as links to the websites of upcoming acts.
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The two best all-ages shows going down in Lansing this Fall are THIS WEEK!

Tonight, you are required to check out:

^labels listed for all you label whores out there

--LaSalle (ex-Small Brown Bike)
--Since By Man (Revelation?)
--Decibully (Polyvinyl)
--These Arms Are Snakes (Jade Tree)

Mac's Bar (2700 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing), 8pm ALL AGES!!!

If that doesn't sell you, check out my piece on LaSalle:

Missing this will be hazardous to your health.

Then Friday at my place:

title or description

show starts at 8pm with our without you. 117 S. Homer, Lansing, MI 48912 (near Frandor) so mapquest it. Don't park in my freaking neighbors lot please. ALL AGES!!!

Oil is playing the CMJ music-fest in New York and then this Lansing basement a week later. Remember when At the Drive In played a house show in Lansing? No, you don't, because there was only 10 people there. Let's not make that mistake again.

Torra! Torra! Torrance! are also hot shots, so see 'em in a basement while you have the chance.
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