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I need help booking a show at Brighter Days on July 9th for SLANG (ex members of Bitchin'/Rumbleseat from Gainesville, Florida), and NORTH LINCOLN (you know em' and love em'). The Diaper can't have the show since I'll be on tour with Zombie Zombie. SLANG REALLLLLLY wants to play in Lansing since Bitchin used to always play Lansing. They have alot of friends there and don't want to play a strange new town like Detroit where they don't know anyone. They also mentioned that they'd like to play with Shipwrecked since they are friends with Mike Reed. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Please let know if you can help me out. Thanks.

Josh Patrick Quinn

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we were supposed to have a show this Sunday and all hell broke loose and we had to cancel it. now we're struggling to find a place for two touring bands to play. if ANYONE knows of a show that Meth & Goats from Iowa, and Movement 3 from Kentucky can jump on PLEEEEEASE reply to this. i don't want two touring bands to get fucked over because i wasn't in town.

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Saturday, May 15th
North Lincoln (album preview show!)
Green Means Go
The Van Ermans (lansing)
Freshman Rhetroic (return show)
@ The DAAC, 115 S.Division, GR, MI
8pm $5 All Ages
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Detroit area....I need a drummer, perhaps if you're looking for a second guitarist...emo,screamo,hardcore,post-hardcore...whatever....IM me at MonAmoureuxMort on AIM....
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The Sea, The Sea has to cancel tonights show at The Diaper because Jeremy (guitarist) is in the hospital. We were wondering if you could get your shit together and come rock The Diaper tonight? You would go on around 9:30pm. We can't really offer you any money since Cat On Form is from the UK and have a coke habit to pay for. But we can guarantee beer and ludes. The bad news is our phone is disconnected so if you can do it come by and let us know. We'll be at the house all night. Hopefully you get this in time.

Love, The Diaper

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Tuesday, April 6th 2004

CAT ON FORM (from the UK on Southern Records, www.catonform.co.uk)
THE SEA, THE SEA (ex: Bev.Clone from Ann Arbor, only 4 shows left!)
SPIT FOR ATHENA (from Coldwater, www.freewebs.com/spitforathena)

2729 E. Kalamazoo St.
Lansing, MI 48912

doors at 8pm
rock at 9pm
$4 or $5 (help out CAT ON FORM, they're from the UK)

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i heard ya'll are playing the garden bowl tonight and i was wondering if it's true or not? then if it is true i was wondering if i got down there if i could catch a ride back to lansing with you? i am carless and i'm trying to find a ride up there for the show at the diaper tomorrow. let me know if you dudes can help me out. KICK IT LIKE ROCK DEATH!

upcoming DAAC shows

kick ass upcoming shows at the DAAC in Grand Rapids.

April 15th, 2004
One Reason (kickin' punk from mississippi on Plan-It-X Records)

The Gibbons (detroit punk)

Hell or High Water (ex: ron jeremy sex explosion)

The Andorras (Sweet Baby cover band, acoustic set!)

May 6th, 2004
An Albatross (crazy synth grind from pennsylvania)

Camp Climax For Girls (killer rock from illinois)

The Casionauts (crazy death disco from lansing)

+1 local TBA

May 7th, 2004
Shipwrecked (mike reed of small brown bike & members of charlavoix)

I Won't Land (ex: Bev.Clone)

Freshmen Rhetoric (get awesome crew!)

May 15th, 2004
North Lincoln (album preview/benefit show)

Freshmen Rhetoric

The Van Ermans (lansing)

+1 TBA

all at:
115 S. Division
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

the futile

hey there, i'm in a band from Findlay, OH called the futile and we're trying to get our music out to as many people as possible. we just put some new mp3's up. you can take a listen at: http://www.hxcmp3.com/the_futile

(often compared to: the blood brothers, an albatross, showbread, at the drive-in. so think spazzy hardcore punk with synth, three vocalists, and breakdowns)

we're looking to trade/play shows anywhere in OH/MI and possibly IN/KY/PA with any band interested. send us an email if your interested or for anything else: futilemusic@hotmail.com



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Your plans for Lansing on Friday and Saturday have been made, they include:
Go to the Ghetto Diaper at 9pm (all ages) and watch--
NORTH LINCOLN & THE GIBBONS (2 of MI's best punk bands) kick off their tour
Also playing will be:
the Blackbird Suite (Detroit) and Picasso Triggerfish (Lansing)
DAVID DONDERO may even stop by before his Mac's set, so definately check that out.

The Brighter Days Infoshop 1914 Michigan Ave., 7pm sharp, all ages, $5
--not on the flyer but also playing will be THE HARD LESSONS who should have their new 45 to sell.
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